Cannington Haunted Attraction

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A beast lives deep in the woods of MacLeod Park. Every year, this ravenous, blood-sick creature rises from its yearly slumber to satisfy its hunger at Cannington Haunted Attraction. Only when it has gorged itself on the atmosphere of fear, the sound of screams, and the uncomfortable laughs of false bravado can it return to its slumber to wait for next October.

You have to see the evils that await you at Cannington Haunted Attraction to believe them.

Features include two outdoor wooded trails and an indoor barn maze, all of which are transformed into immersive horror-themed environments complete with live scare actors and some shocking surprises.

Side attractions include a photo booth, food vendor, axe throwing, and a decorated museum. Roaming entertainers/actors are also present to make sure there’s never a dull moment, even in line.

Come experience the greatest Haunted Attraction in Durham Region!

Ages 8+, free parking on site.


Netflix and Chill KILL

Bring a date and get ready for a horror movie marathon in the deep, dark woods. There’s no couch for cuddling here though, there’s only you moving from scene to scene as a shocked observer, an unsuspecting victim, or even an unwilling accomplice. Feel the chills and suspense as villains and killers watch, stalk, and hunt their prey which could very well be you!

Twisted Tales

Take that copy of the Grimm Brothers’ tales back to the children’s section of the library then come walk these twisted tales brought to life. When fairy tales take a dark and disturbing turn, those unlucky enough to be caught out in the enchanted woods better be prepared to run for their lives. For those that don’t make it out before dawn, there are no happy endings.

Carnival of Carnage

Come on in out of the dead of night and witness the madness of a circus gone awry! We always knew that there was sinister intent behind the makeup of clowns, the tricks of the sideshows, and the curtains of the freakshow. Come walk the maze and prepare to be amazed as they put on a horrific, grisly, gruesome show for your viewing pleasure … or disgust.

Not Recommended for Children Under 8


Cannington Haunted Attraction is open the last 2 Fridays & Saturdays in October, from 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm.



Get Tickets Now!

  • $20 per person includes all scare attractions. 
    Tickets available ONLINE ONLY beginning September 1st.
  • Photo Booth provided by Xtreme Sounds ($5 for 2 photos - cash only)
  • Refreshment Booth provided by Nourish Community Hub (cash only)


Cannington Haunted Attraction is located at 91 Elliot St, Cannington, ON L0E 1E0.